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You are desperate? Don't be! - Post for general questions!

Hello out there!

Over the last couple of days we received several questions about exchanges, rules and general questions involving that event.

Just remember, you can always send us a private message or an email of course!
You can also comment on this post though, in case you have questions.

These were the question some of you asked:
1) How does an exchange work:
In general an exchange is a very fun fandom event in which someone writes a story for you and you write a story for someone else! Here is how it works:
- First of all, you sign up HERE -  which means, you just need to copy and paste the sign-up form and fill it out with your wishes and wants. Don't forget to be (not too but a little) specific with your sign-up. It's always easier when your author knows what you want to receive.
- Once sign-ups are closed (check the timetable on the sign-up page ^^), we'll send out the assignments. Which means each and everyone of you will receive an email with the information who you are going to write a fic for. You won't get to know who is going to write something for you though. (That's the surprise :D)
- You finish the fic (preferably before/until deadline :D)
- You let someone beta the fic. If you don't have a beta - no worries - just ask us and we'll help you find one!
- You send the fic you wrote to us via email.
- Then posting period will start and we'll post the fics (2-3 or maybe more) each day. Until and during that time keep everything a secret - you are not supposed to tell anyone (especially your recipient) that you wrote that specific fic (remember, the surprise ^___^) - don't repost your fic anywhere either.
-Once posting is over and we post the reveals, the secret gets lifted and you'll know who wrote for you, just like your recipient knows that you are his/her author. You can repost and brag about your fic then :-)

2) I don't have a beta --> Can I still sign up?
Of course! Not knowing a beta should NOT stop you from you signing up!! In case you need a beta-reader for the fic you write and don't know one, we'll help you with finding one.

3) I'm relatively new to fandom. What now?
We'll happily invite every new and old author to this exchange. The more the merrier! So please, don't worry!

4) Am I even good enough for an exchange?
An exchange is a fandom event and we participate because it's fun. Of course you are supposed to put a little effort into the fic you write but as long as you follow your recipient's sign-up post and have fun writing that fic, everything is cool. Besides: We are not writing for Nobel Prize in literature. So, please, don't worry too much. Sign up, have fun ^__^

5) I only like one group and just want to write pairings within that group. Is that okay?
It's perfectly fine! This is an exchange for all JE-fans, may you be fans of multiple groups, of several guys, of only one group, of crossovers, of dorama pairings etc.
So, don't hesitate to sign up, even if you only write Arashi or Kisumai or *insert-bandname*

You have more questions?
Feel free to ask :-)
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