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Criteria for participating

  • You must have previously written at least one fic over 1000 words in length

  • Real life can be nasty, we know that, so it's no problem if you really can't make it in this exchange. But please be fair and tell us when you need to drop out. If you don't tell us, and just drop out without saying something, you get banned from the exchange for a year.

Concerning the fics

  • Please give your best in fullfilling your recipient's request. Of course it's impossible to include every of your recipients wish, but hopefully there is something in there for you.

  • Submissions must be at least 2000 words in length. There is no maximum for your fics.

  • Fics must be beta-read. If you absolutely can't find a beta, other participants might be willing to beta. Or we'll do our best to search a beta for you. Fics, which need to be beta-read by one of our beta-reader must be handed in two weeks before deadline.

  • You need to include the correct HTML codes in your fic! We can't accept fics without HTML codes. HTML codes like bold, underline, italics need to be included.

  • Fics should include proper spelling.

  • No terms of excessive Japanese, no kanji use is allowed in fics.

Concerning requests  

  • This is a general Johnny exchange, so everything goes. You can request Johnny's with female characters or male characters who aren't Johnny's, you can request debuted and non-debuted Johnny's. It's also okay to request former members like Jin or Morimoto Ryutaro. Just make sure that one part of the pair is an active Johnny (debuted or non debuted).

  • You're welcome to request and offer to write drama, but you must have at least one regular pairing in addition for both writing and receiving.

  • Please keep in mind that only rare pairs and rare crossovers are hard to pair, so please try to request something more general as well just in case nobody would be willing to write for those.


  • It's okay to request or write underage relationships, crushes, holding hands, kissing, as long as they are at least 15 years old.

  • Underaged porn (<18) is strictly forbidden.

Concerning delays

  • We will not give extensions. This is due to the long writing period (3+ months) and small requested wordcount (2000 words)

  • If you are aware you will be busy during the later half of the writing period, please submit your fic earlier.

  • If you know you have a tendency to submit late, please let us know! We're here for you, and can offer more frequent check-ups, encouragement, plotting help or nagging, all to your own preference.

  • In case real life gets in the way, of course we understand that. Just please let us know in time to contact a pinch hitter (see schedule for deadline)

Concerning writing period

  • Please keep your assignment a secret. Once reveals are out (after the posting period, you are free to re-post your stories wherever you want

  • If you have any questions for your recipient please contact US, ONLY!! The best way for this is to write us a mail to: We try our best to answer your questions asap. We will send it to your recipient and return the answer immediately to you

  • Please sign your mails with your LJ name so we know immediately who we're talking to

  • Please don't write about your story or about the name of your recipient in your LJ blog or somewhere else, because most people are also on Twitter, AO3, tumblr or elsewhere, and we don't want the secret to be revealed before posting ends

Concerning delivery

  • Once your fic is finished, send us your fic to Please send it as attached file and DON'T send it in a mail!! We can't accept that. We can read every file (.doc, .docx, google,....)

  • Fics must have a header, which should look like this:


Concerning contact and check up 

  • We do checkups. We give you your assignment and let you work on it, answer your questions, keep the contact with your recipient/ author. One month before deadline we will contact you and ask how it is going. Two weeks before deadline we write again and ask for an answer about how far you are and if there are any problems. If you don't answer, we contact you again, and if you do not answer again, we ban you and search for a pinch hitter! Please remember: Those who need a beta MUST be done two weeks before deadline!

  • You can always contact us via, or the mods directly: Anna, Rhea, Kat. We will not bite (unless you say the word extension)

  • We try to answer as fast as possible, but please keep in mind that all of us have real lives too, so it can take a few hours to answer. But we're spread over a few time zones so you should get your reply quickly enough!

Most important rule


That's all for now,

Your Mods,
Anna, Kat, Rhea
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